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Spa and Wellness

wellness treatments

Welcome to our Wellness Suite, where your journey to tranquility and self-care begins.  Our wellness suite is designed to provide you with an unparalleled experience of relaxation, rejuvenation, and holistic well-being.

Whether you're seeking a brief escape from the daily grind or embarking on a transformative wellness journey, our Wellness Suite is the perfect destination. Discover serenity, relaxation, and a renewed sense of self as you embark on a path to holistic well-being. Your journey to a healthier, more balanced life begins here.

To book your treatment, contact Andreea at least 24 hours prior to your desired appointment time.

Contact Information:



Eyebrow Waxing or Threading:  

$20 clean up $30 full brow

Lip Waxing or Threading: $15

Chin Waxing or Threading: $15-20

Full Face Wax: $60-70

Underarm Wax: $25

Bikini Wax: $50                 

Between: $60                      

Brazilian: $70

Lower Leg Wax: $45 and up   

Upper leg wax: $45 and up

Full Leg Wax: $70 and up  

Back Wax: $75

Eyebrow Tinting: $35          

Eyelash Tinting: $45

Beauty Services

Holistic Health Consultation

As a Holistic Health Practitioner we will meet  one on one to discuss all aspects of your health journey. We will prepare a plan to provide you with an in depth objective to get your health on the right track. We will discuss your physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional set backs and how we can get you feeling better in all four of those regions, through movement, breath work, dietary regimen and herbal wellness.

60min: $120

Using only the highest quality organic products your Facial Therapy Treatment will be customized for your individual skincare needs. We will discuss what your skin is in need of and I will put together the best treatment for your skin type.


60min: $150

90min: $170 

Add ons:

Microdermabrasion: $40

Dermaplaning: $45

Facial Treatments

Percussive Therapy

Massage guns can penetrate up to an inch into your soft tissue, stimulating your muscles and helping your brain release tension. This therapy aims to prevent muscular tightness, improve range of motion, and speed up muscle. Add on percussion massage therapy to any treatments to be used throughout your one hour or longer treatment.

$40 addition to any treatment

Neural Palpation Facial

Facial treatment that targets the Neurological system by engaging the spine. Working through intra-oral mouth work during this facial, promotes health benefits to ease and release tension in the body. This is a more substantial treatment, which leaves your facial structure and skin renewed and redefined.

(This facial includes cleansing, light extractions if needed, Neural Palpation Therapy, and facial therapy.)


90min: $160 

Additional Items

Red/NIR/Blue Light Therapy
has many benefits:
- helps reduce sun damage
- diminish scars
- rebuilds collagen
- increase antioxidant defenses
- reduce inflammation
- helps muscle fatigue
- pain reduction 

20min: $40 /PEMFMat Therapy: 30min: $40

Integrated Cranial Health/ Non-invasive Neural Palpation Therapy

Body therapy pinpointing places where issues are held, following the natural pathways for healing as directed by the patrons own body. This promotes self-healing in a non-invasive way, encouraging the Neural Palpation Therapy to take a whole-person approach to healing the inter-connections of mind, body and spirit.

(recommended for everyone, can be done fully clothed, sitting, standing and laying) 

60min: $140
75min: $150
90min: $160


A type of therapy that is extremely gentle. Using energy to help connect with the body and bring peace and healing. (recommended for everyone, to be done fully clothed)

60min: $130
90min: $150

De-Stress Treatment

This exclusive body therapy begins with aromatherapy, dry brushing, an herbal oil, and Aztec mud application to your back. The mud draws out toxins and relaxes. After removal with steamed towels, your therapist will focus on a thorough therapy of your and body. 

60min: $140
75min: $150
90min: $160
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